Tony Moggio victim of a Rugby accident makes a crazy bet : Cross the Gulf of Saint Tropez to swim

Tony Moggio, Author-speaker but also Rugbyman was severely injured during a match in 2010: A melee goes awry and Tony becomes a quadriplegic, it's a whole life that rocks with which we must learn to rebuild. He told with his right arm, Philippe Motta in a Biography entitled "Broken Hooker" this episode and more particularly his career.
At the doors of the team of France judo at 15 years, He went to boxing then, parenthesis: engages in the Army and becomes Precision Shooter.
Back to civilian life, Tony goes to rugby, three years, then, it's the accident. Here, the big features the panorama of his life.
Ambitious and athletic in his soul, Tony felt the need to excel: He launched a crazy bet and decided to rally Sainte Maxime to Saint Tropez to swim, with the unique strength of his arms through his boat "SOFAO ". Top Charter is partner of this event and provides two boats for press and rescue.
It is not only the sporting feat that motivates Tony, through this crossing, he wants to convey a message of hope, shout loudly that the impossible does not exist! A great life lesson !